DREAM Foster Court

Court and I went to the “pre opening” event at the newly renovated dog park at Piedmont Park in Atlanta on Thursday night. Here is a caricature of Court that was done there by one of the talented artists who were on hand. I love it!

Court caricature

Court caricature

Court is a very sweet fellow who loves to snuggle. He is just little anxious about things sometimes. Who knows what his life was like before coming to DREAM… He is currently on medication to help with that anxiousness. Hopes are that he’ll be able to come off the meds eventually, but like some of us human folk, he may need a little help for the rest of his life.

More information about Court can be found HERE

DREAM Alumni Spanky (now Murphy)

Murphy is doing super well in his new home. His hip is getting stronger all the time. Here he is snoozing with his new brother Marley!

Murphy & Marley

Murphy & Marley

Spanky’s full story since coming to DREAM can be found HERE

Here we are!

A new place for DREAM foster parents and adoptive parents of DREAM dogs to share updates on our dogs. Stay tuned for updates coming soon!

If you have a DREAM foster or adopted a DREAM dog and would like to be able to post updates here, please give me a shout and I’ll get you set up. We’re looking forward to reading lots of happy tails and seeing lots of happy face photos. :)