Zee & Palmer

Zee and Palmer (adopted Christmas, 2008)

Hi, I don’t think I’m doing this right but if anyone can see this, I just wanted to share how very much I am loving my precious Zee and Palmer!

Zee is now almost 4 (we think) and loves nothing more than a warm lap for snuggles and to protect us from anyone and anything that might be responsible for the doorbell :D

Palmer is a 3-year-old girl who would wear her baseball cap on backwards if she was human….the sweetest, gentlest tomboy ever. Palmer’s main responsibility is to keep our yard free from pesky squirrels – she actually caught one once (not my happiest day, but she IS fast) so now I make lots of noise when she’s flying out the doggy door to give the squirrels a head start :)

I am thankful each and every day for the work that DREAM’s volunteers and foster families do for these dogs. I wish I could let the folks who turned in Palmer and Zee know that they are happy, safe and very VERY much loved.

If there is a way to let Zee and Palmer’s foster folks know that they are happy, I would appreciate it!! If my life circumstances change, I would love to be a foster myself…but my daughter thinks I’d end up with 30 dogs that I’d never be able to give up….and she’s probably right :-/

My pretty little girl :D

Palmer loves her blankies