Zee and Palmer (adopted Christmas, 2008)

Hi, I don’t think I’m doing this right but if anyone can see this, I just wanted to share how very much I am loving my precious Zee and Palmer!

Zee is now almost 4 (we think) and loves nothing more than a warm lap for snuggles and to protect us from anyone and anything that might be responsible for the doorbell :D

Palmer is a 3-year-old girl who would wear her baseball cap on backwards if she was human….the sweetest, gentlest tomboy ever. Palmer’s main responsibility is to keep our yard free from pesky squirrels – she actually caught one once (not my happiest day, but she IS fast) so now I make lots of noise when she’s flying out the doggy door to give the squirrels a head start :)

I am thankful each and every day for the work that DREAM’s volunteers and foster families do for these dogs. I wish I could let the folks who turned in Palmer and Zee know that they are happy, safe and very VERY much loved.

If there is a way to let Zee and Palmer’s foster folks know that they are happy, I would appreciate it!! If my life circumstances change, I would love to be a foster myself…but my daughter thinks I’d end up with 30 dogs that I’d never be able to give up….and she’s probably right :-/

My pretty little girl :D

Palmer loves her blankies

4 Responses to Zee and Palmer (adopted Christmas, 2008)

  • vikki says:

    You did great! What fun to get updates on Palmer and Zee. They are total treasures. :) We are so thankful for people like you who take in these precious babies and love them forever…


  • rae says:

    They really are awesome dogs. There is NOTHING wrong with them…no weird behaviors (well, my husband would disagree, but nothing that a true dog-lover would consider weird ;-) ) and definitely nothing that should have sent either of them into rescue…but I am SOOOOOO thankful DREAM was there for them!! DOGS GOOD – PEOPLE BAD.
    Currently Palmer has decided I’m taking too long climbing into bed so she’s in the waterbed with her face poking out (she uses the pillow!) and Zee is snuggled under her blankie. On nights like this, it is hard to believe that the whole world is not as peaceful as my little corner of it.

  • rae says:

    Ok, typed that poorly…what I meant was, dogs are good and the people that don’t want them anymore are the bad ones….DREAM people are GOOD PEOPLE. :)

  • Vikki says:

    I totally understood what you were saying. :) DREAM people includes all of our adoptive parents. While there are lots of bad people out there, there are lots of good people too. You are one of them.

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