Bacon – Adopted March 4, 2011

Whoo Hoo!!! Bacon met his new family today! Have a wonderful life buddy!

Bacon & his new family

Bacon & his new family

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  • carolyn says:

    It has been a long, wet week for Bacon to get accustomed to his new home and family. His expressions are so awesome; we had to give him a “people” name. So, meet Weagle’s new brother, Patrick! Is he named for Pat Dye, Pat Sullivan or St. Patrick? Take your pick!!!

    the boys are getting along very well. Weagle is more active than ever. Patrick thinks the backyard is the best ever!!!

    Patrick gets to meet his new Vet, Dr. Jones, this afternoon. He will be sporting his Auburn Leash and “I Eat Elephants” T-shirt for the visit with his new friend (and AU Grad.)

    I have a couple of pics. I willpost if I figure out how!

    Thanks, C:>)

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