Morgan – Adopted May 8, 2011

Morgan and his new sister began playing almost instantly! They will have so much fun running around the yard.

Morgan & his new family

Morgan & his new family

Foster mom Karen wishes him all the best for him.

Foster mom Karen wishes him all the best for him.

One Response to Morgan – Adopted May 8, 2011

  • takiia says:

    Morgan is a GREAT dog and a GREAT asset to our family. He is so sweet and Gigi who is one years old, absolutely loves him. He loves the back yard he gets to play in and he loves barking at the ducks that sit behind our house. He has also trained Gigi to go through the doggy door and use the outside of the house rather than the inside of our house as her bathroom. He loves going on walks with me and sleeping with my daughter and Gigi. We plan on making him VERY happy!

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