Spanky finds his forever home!

Yesterday, July 28, 2010, Spanky went to meet his potential new family. It was love at first sight for all! Here is a photo of Spanky with his new Mama.

Nikki & Spanky

Nikki & Spanky

Nikki and her family have another doxie, Marley. He and Spanky got along great. Spanky now has his own big pool to swim in and his new Mama is dedicated to helping Spanky’s hip/leg become as strong as it can. :)

I’m going to miss you little buddy but I am soooooo happy that you found such a great new home. xxxooo

Spanky went through an awful lot of bad stuff in his young life. He totally deserves absolute happiness for the rest of his days. Spanky’s full story since coming to DREAM in March 2010 can be found HERE

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